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General FAQ and Disclaimers

Why are crypto payments preferred?

Crypto payments are preferred and are given discounts due to its fast and easy nature. 

Where can I find the crypto wallet addresses?

Please kindly check that the membership you would like is not out of stock and contact

We will send you the wallet addresses we accept. It would be very helpful if you can tell us what you can pay in. 

Which Propfirms can you pass with the Royal Hedgefund EA?
We have tested on many propfirms and it seems to be working with propfirms that have a broker with zero commissions on Indices such as eightcap. However, propfirms can add slippage mid way through the testing, thus has safety precautions have be taken in place. Although it can pass with a high probability, as with anything, it is not a 100% passing EA. Please do your own research in addition and use these EAs at your own risk.
Will my account get flagged or banned?

We have never been flagged as of to date. However, we cannot guarantee that it will never happen. Please do your own research regarding the broker and the propfirm.


Can I Run it on a live or funded account?

Yes. In fact, our EAs were originally built to run on live accounts. However, please note that the Royal Hedgefund EA is mainly built for passing challenges as well as we are not able to test all brokers. Please do your own research regarding propfirms and brokers. 

With regards to funded accounts, it is mainly prohibited by most propfirms to use the Royal Hedge Fund EA as it is a high frequency trading EA as well as the fact that spreads and slippage are highly manipulated.

What's the minimum deposit for live accounts?

We recommend a minimum deposit of $500-1,000, however the EAs can run on a $100 accounts as well on a micro/cent account. Please do not deposit amounts that cannot be lost. Always know how much you are willing to lose. However, we do not recommend the purchase of this EA if your sole purpose is to use it on a live personal account.

Do you provide set files after purchase?

Yes, after purchasing you will have full lifetime access to the set-files. Please do not purchase or distribute set-files externally. Also, we would like to kindly advise you to do your own testing regarding propfirms and brokers as there are way too many brokers and propfirms out there for us to test. We can provide support and advise as to how you may want to change the settings.

Do we get customer support after purchasing?
Of course! That is the whole point of the Royal Bot Club! We will add you into a discord group appropriate to your purchase. That is the reason why we only accept a limited amount of people at a time, to ensure the quality of support that people get within the community not only by the admin, but the members as well.

How much can I expect to make?

We cannot make any promises regarding the amount of money you can make. This will differ based on the individuals experience and knowledge of the foreign exchange market.

Are the EAs fully automated?
Yes and no. The EAs can be ran automatically 24/7, however we teach ways to manage the EA in order to increase the probability to minimize drawdowns and maximize profits. This depends on each individuals risk tolerance and profit targets. 
Does the Royal Hedge Fund EA work with XXX Broker
As for brokers we cannot guarantee anything as we cannot test all brokers as well as the fact that there are way too many brokers out there. Also, with metatrader being so easy to manipulate and the fact that HFT is banned or restricted by many brokers there is a possibility it may not work after some time. The main recommended use for the royal hedgefund EA is for passing specific prop firm challenges. We do not recommend the purchase of the EA if your main purpose of purchasing this EA is for using on real brokers.
How many accounts can I use the EAs on?

You can use the EA on as many accounts as you want as long as the account user name has your name in it. Also, a passcode is embedded for a 2 step verification. If you would like to use it on multiple accounts with different names that would require a purchase of the white labeled EA. Please contact @forexfund_fastpasss for more information. 

Have I been scammed?

If you have not purchased from us then you have been scammed. We do not allow reselling our items. If you have been sold an item from a third party please contact them for a refund. If you would like to confirm please contact us. 

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